90th anniversary of Buoi -         Chu Van An secondary school

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Buoi - Chu Van An secondary school founded in July, 1908 is the most ancient one in Hanoi. Its history was connected closely with the capital_s development. As soon as being founded, it was named "Protectorate Secondary School", but it was often called Buoi school. The French opened this school to have trained officials for colonial administration system throughout Indochina. At that time, many students had consciousness against colonial regime and grew alive to the ideals of revolution. When the August Revolution _ National Resistance War broke out, a great number of students paused their studying to join the army.

After the success of August Revolution, it was renamed Chu Van An school. Professor Duong Quang Ham was appointed its Head master and was the 1st Vietnamese in this position.

The school has trained many students into talents for the nation such as in terms of politicians: Pham Van Dong, Le Van Luong, Dao Tung, Nguyen Xien,...; scientists: Nguy Nhu Kon Tum, Ton That Tung, Ta Quang Buu, Hoang Xuan Han,...; writers: Hoang Ngoc Phach, Nguyen Cong Hoan, Xuan Dieu, Tu Mo, Nguyen Dinh Thi, Nguyen Khac Vien,...; teachers: Duong Quang Ham, Ngo Thuc Lanh, Nguyen Lan,...

Following the elder generations, recently students of Chu Van An school have harvested good fruits in studying, many of them have won prizes in national and international competitions.

Since the school year 1993-1994, Ministry of Training and Education have chosen Chu Van An school to build up a well-trained school.

For nearly one century, this school has still upheld the motto "Revolution - Patriotism - Good Teaching - Good Learning". That is the central thread in bringing into full play this tradition.

On the occasion of 90th Annv. of Buoi - Chu Van An school, Department General of Posts _ Telecommunications (DGPT) issues the stampset "90th Anniversary of Buoi - Chu Van An secondary school" with two values:

- The 1st: Buoi secondary school in the past and the portrait of Professor Duong Quang Ham - the 1st Head-master - face value: 400d

- The 2nd: Uncle Ho_s visit to school - face value: 5,000d

On 20.11.1998, at Chu Van An secondary school, the Department General of Posts and Telecommunications organizes a special issuing ceremony for this stampset.


Stamp size

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   Mrs. Tran Ngoc Uyen

  46 x 31 (mm)

  25 stamps


  1 cover

  190 x 110 (mm)

   Postal Stamp Printing Enterprise (in Ho Chi Minh City) 



  standard paper (both gummed and ungummed).

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