Vietnamese Ancient Sculpture of the Tran Dynasty       -   Code: 780

The Vietnamese ancient sculpture of the Tran Dynasty flourished in Dai Viet (former name of Vietnam) in the 13th _ 14th centuries. Under the Tran dynasty, Vietnamese country well developed, Imperial court _ people lived in harmony with a great buoyancy, strong self-reliance will, noble martial spirit that were reflected on art in general, and sculpture in particular. For the past years, through the research _ investigation, we have already discovered a small number of Tran Dynasty_s sculptural works such as stone statues, relievoes from Royal tombs, military citadels, religious towers _ pagodas.

In order to introduce the Vietnamese sculpture of the Tran Dynasty, Department General of Posts _ Telecommunications (DGPT) issues the stampset "The Vietnamese ancient sculpture of the Tran Dynasty" consisting of 5 values:

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- The 1st: Dragon-carved three-position pedestal (Stone) - Boi khe Pagoda - Thanh oai - Ha tay - 400 d.

It features the image of Tran dynasty_s dragon with strong style. Dragon is in position of raising head, bending up tail. Its body was bas-relief with flesh block, plump tail, bending sections expressing flexibility but majesty, strength.

- The 2nd: Human-headed _ Bird-bodied Fairy raising precious objects- Thai lac pagoda - Van lam - Hung yen - 400 d.

This is a mythological image with decorative style "Con kin na ri"

- The 3rd : Rhinoceros horn on wave (wood) Thay Pagoda - Thanh oai - Ha tay - 1,000 d.

It describes the carving image: flowers, leaves, waves and dragon head _ strong, well-proportioned body on throne back.

- The 4th: Fairy offering flower (Terra-cotta) - Hang Pagoda - Luc yen - Yen bai - 8,000 d

This stamp shows relievo by terra-cotta with legendary _ folk lines.

- The 5th: Kneeling person raising chandelier (Wood) - Thai lac Pagoda - Van lam - Hung yen - 9,000 d

This stamp presents relievo (wood) on pillars in pagodas with folk lines and robust performance.

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Date of issue


Stamp size

Sheet composition



FDC size


Printing process




Vu Kim Lien (COTEVINA)

37 x 37 (mm)

20 stamps


2 cover

170 x 110 (mm)

Postal Stamp Printing Enterprise (in Ho Chi Minh City) 



standard paper ( both gummed and ungemmed)

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