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Centenary of Binh Dinh_s Provincial Capital

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Binh Dinh is a coastal province in the Centre of Vietnam with the population of 1,5 million people and the area of 6,076 square kilometres. It comprises 10 districts and Quy Nhon provincial capital.

Quy Nhon was founded in 1602 under Nguyen Hoang Lord_s dynasty. In late half of the 19th century, the French colonialist realized Quy Nhon_s strategic position for exploiting colony in the central part and Tay nguyen; so, they invested capital in building port, motorway, lightening system, factories, hotels, public services, urban clean water supplying system... At that time, Quy Nhon seemed to be a busy town. On 20.10.1898, Security Council of Hue Court submitted the project of Quy Nhon_s foundation to Thanh Thai King for approval. And since then, Quy Nhon has become the political, economic _ cultural centre of Binh Dinh.

In 1998, Quy Nhon celebrates the 396th Birth Anniversary and Centenary of Binh Dinh_s provincial capital. In order to mark this great event, Department General of Posts _ Telecommunications (DGPT) issues the stampset "396th Anniversary of Quy Nhon and Centenary of Binh Dinh_s provincial capital" with one value of 400d. The stampset shows the image of Quang Trung King_s Statue (erected at the town centre) - a national hero in the 18th century, Quy Nhon port and beach.

On 20.10.1998, at the Children_s Cultural Palace of Quy Nhon, the Department General of Posts and Telecommunications organizes a special issuing ceremony for this stampset.

Date of issue


Stamp size

Sheet composition



FDC size


Printing process




: Mr. Do Lenh Tuan

  46 x 31 (mm)

  25 stamps


  1 cover

  170 x 110 (mm)

  Postal Stamp Printing Enterprise (in Ho Chi Minh City) 



  gummed paper

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