Medicinal Herbs  - Code: 799

Vietnam is located in tropical zone where the climate is very good for planting development, especially medicinal herb. Vietnam has many herbs which are distributed everywhere in the country. This is precious medicinal material that have been since long used for treatment of various diseases (little toxic). Nowadays, medicinal herbs have been widely grown and become a valuable resource for both disease treatment at home and export as well.

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Kaempferia galanga

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Tacca chantrieri Andre

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Alpinia galanga Willd

To introduce several medicinal herbs in Vietnam, Department General of Posts & Telecommunications (DGPT) issues the stampset "Medicinal Herbs" consisting of five values:

- The 5 - 1: Kaempferia galanga L. - 400d

This herb is used for treatment of indigestion, chestache & bellyache, headache & fever.

- The 5 - 2: Tacca chantrieri Andre'- 400d

This is used for treatment of arthritis.

- The 5 - 3: Alpinia galanga Willd - 400d

This herb is used for treatment of indigestion, vomitting, stomach-ache, fever & malaria.

- The 5 - 4: Typhonium trilobatum Schott - 6,000d

This herb is used for treatment of coughing, pusy sore throat, tumour, snake-bitten wound.


- The 5 - 5: Asarum masimum Hemsl-13,000d.This herb is used for enhancement of physical strength & health.

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Typhonium trilobatum Schott

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Asarum masimum Hemsl

Date of issue : 15.03. 1999

Designer : Mrs. Vo Luong Nhi (COTEVINA)

Stamp size : 32 x 43 (mm)

Perforation : 13

Sheet composition : 25 stamps

Printer : Postal Stamp Printing Enterprise (in Ho Chi Minh City)

Printing process : offset

Colour : multi-coloured

Paper : standard paper (both gummed and ungummed)

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