5th Phu Dong
National Youth Sports Festival

Code: 831

     People caring for physical strength of young generations have named the sports movement of nation-wide students at all levels after the legendary hero of Giong village who turned giant after eating a huge quantity of food and strong enough to defeat An invaders & regain independence for the nation.

     The first Phu Dong sports festival was organised in Hanoi (1983) with the participations of 737 sportspeople in 6 competitions; the second with 1,356 sportspeople in 9 competitions in Ho Chi Minh City (1987); the third with over 2,000 sportspeople in 9 competitions in Da Nang (1992) and the fourth with over 3,000 sportspeople in 10 competitions (1996).

     The first involved only 40 provinces but the third onwards has drawn the participation of all localities throughout the country. National records were raised from one to nine in some festivals. Young sportspeople have "reaped national records like Saint Giong's jumps". Attainments can be seen not only in figures, but also, more than that, in physical education in schools, in health of future generations and in discovery of talents for various national sports teams on way of integrating into the world sports.

     The fifth festival is to take place in DongThap province, gathering young sport representatives across the country. This is Vietnam's biggest sport event in 2000. The field will be exciting, hence captivating fans at home and abroad as well. The festival will see the greater number and higher quality of sportspeople and events and the better organizations.

     In order to mark this sport event, Department General of Posts & Telecommunications (DGPT) issues the stampset "5th Phu Dong National Youth Sports Festival " with one value of 400d.

     Outstanding on the background of brightly-coloured flying-flags of the festival with great buoyancy is the image of 2 sportspeople in strong, fast swimming-posture and the logo of the 5th Phu Dong National Youth Sports Festival - Dong Thap 2000.

Date of issue : 20.7.2000
Designer : Mr. Nguyen Du (COTEVINA)
Stamp size : 43 x 32 (mm)
Perforation : 13
Sheet composition : 25 stamps
FDC : 1 covers
FDC size : 170 x 110 (mm)
Printer : Postal Stamp Printing Enterprise (in Ho Chi Minh City)
Printing process : offset
Colour : multi-coloured
Paper : gummed paper

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