Processional Palanquin

Code: 824

The Block: "Eight-pole" processional palanquin in festival

   Processional palanquin is a man - carried means of transport of the old time in Vietnam for kings, lords & mandarins in court or for gods in traditional festivals.

   There are processional palanquin of various types such as: "Eight-pole", "Imperial Court", "Two- carrier" or "Hammock". Each has its own shape & designs, but in general, they are made of wood painted with brilliant vermilion & gilded (on main part & carrying-pole) together with cloth, colourful silk bands (throne - shaped part) expressing tenderness & luxury.

   Now, the processional palanquin is only used in traditional & local festivals, such as: Hung Temple, Tan Saint procession, Chu Dong Tu & Tien Dung princess, etc. Particularly, to enhance the meaning of festivals, the processional palanquin carriers must be strong, "good-looking boys & pretty girls".

   The ancient processional palanquins become the nation's cultural heritage.

   On 10.3.2000, Department General of Posts & Telecommunications (DGPT) issues the stampset "Processional Palanquin" consisting of 3 values and one block featuring different "eight-pole" ones (i.e. it is carried by 8 people).

   On the stamp is the image of "eight-pole" processional palanquin consisting of carrying-pole sophisticatedly carved with dragon-head & tail; the red-painted (not carved) main part of pole; the throne-shaped part with and without cloth roof & colourful silk band decoration.

The 3-1: "Eight-pole" processional palanquin with roofed throne-shaped one

The 3-2: "Eight-pole" processional palanquin with unroofed throne-shaped one

The 3-3: "Eight-pole" processional palanquin with roofed throne-shaped one after "Imperial court" one

Designer : Mrs. Vu Kim Lien (COTEVINA)
Stamp size : 43 x 32 (mm)
Block size : 95 x 65 (mm)
Perforation : 13
Sheet composition : 20 stamps
FDC : 2 covers
FDC size : 170 x 110 (mm)
Printer : Postal Stamp Printing Enterprise (in Ho Chi Minh City)
Printing process : offset
Colour : multi-coloured
Paper : gummed & ungummed paper

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