110th Birth Anniversary of
President Ho Chi Minh

Code: 828

     President Ho Chi Minh - the great leader of the Vietnamese Communist Party & people, the founder of this Party & State of Vietnam - is a world's cultural celebrity & one among 20 outstanding historical personalities in the 20th century.

     Although having passed away for over 30 years, President Ho Chi Minh's portrait, life & cause has been deeply engraved in mind & unforgetable rememberance of Vietnamese people and the world's peace-lovers as well for ever. Vietnamese nation is proud of giving a birth to President Ho Chi Minh who himself has brought fame to the country.

     In order to mark the 110th Birth Anniversary of lovable Uncle Ho, Department General of Posts & Telecommunications (DGPT) issues the stampset "110th Birth Anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh (19.5.1890 - 19.5.2000)" with one value of 400d, depicting his portrait & native house in Kim Lien village (Nghe An province).

     The stampset shows President Ho Chi Minh's portrait with kind-hearted face; large & intelligent forehead; gentle & dazzling bright eyes; radiant, compassionate & altruistic smile expressing his simple, pure & noble soul.

Date of issue : 19.5.2000
Designer : Mrs. Hoang Thuy Lieu (COTEVINA)
Stamp size : 32 x 43 (mm)
Perforation : 13
Sheet composition : 25 stamps
FDC : 1 covers
FDC size : 170 x 105 (mm)
Printer : Postal Stamp Printing Enterprise (in Ho Chi Minh City)
Printing process : offset
Colour : multi-coloured
Paper : gummed paper

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