In celebration of the 6th National Emulation Congress

Code: 845

     The first National Emulation Congress was held on May 1, 1952, with the second, third, fourth and fifth respectively held in July 1958, April 1962, late 1966-early 1967 and January 1986.

     In November 2000, the sixth event of its kind is held in Ha Noi to review initial achievements recorded in the national renovation process from 1986 until now, and conferring praises and awards to units and individuals who have been the most successful in the cause of production, studying and national protection.

     To correspond with this occasion, DGPT issues a special stamp set entitled In celebration of the 6th National Emulation Congress which consists of two models:

Model 1: Flowers of Good people, good deeds, having a face value of VND400

Model 2: Flowers of the 6th National Emulation Congress, having a face value of VND3,000

Date of issuance: November 10, 2000
Designer: Ms. Nguyen Thi Sam and Ms Vo Luong Nhi (COTEVINA)
Stamp size: 43x32 and 32x43(mm)
Perforation: 13
Sheet composition: 25 stamps
Printer: Postal Stamp Printing Enterprise (Ho Chi Minh City)
Printing process: offset
Color: multi-colored
Paper: paper (both gummed and ungummed)

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