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Sao la (Pseudoryx nghetinhensis)
Code: 827

Saola in natural environment

Grown-up Saola

Saola with newly-grown horns

Saola with long & pointed horns

     Saola (Pseudoryx nghetinhensis) is a wild mammal species which has been listed in "World Wild animals to be protected" by WWF.

     For the last few years, WWF has cooperated with governmental bodies & organizaions from many countries world-wide in order to search & preserve this endangered species.

     WWF Indochina Programme has been associating with Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia so as to implement the action-plan, simultaneously to sponsor & assist them to investigate, plan and preserve rare & precious animals with optimistic results.

     Saola (Pseudoryx nghetinhensis) was found in Vu Quang Nature Reserve (in Hatinh province) in 1992 and in several forests in Thua Thien Hue province of Vietnam recently.

     According to WWF specialists & Vietnamese scientists' statistics, there are a quite small quantity of Saola left that scatteredly existing along Truong Son range near Vietnam - Laos border. Therefore, Vietnamese Government & branches concerned at all levels in coordination with WWF have carried out many specific & effective measures to preserve ecological environment for Saola and other rare & precious species.

     In order to introduce the rare & precious species in Vietnam, Department General of Posts & Telecommunications (DGPT) issues the stampset "Saola (Pseudoryx nghetinhensis)" consisting of 4 values showing the image of Saola in natural environment - when a child, Saola is weak, naive, quaint with newly -grown horns; when grown-up, Saola is strong with long, pointed horns like two swords.

     On each value is printed WWF logo - "Panda".

The miniature sheet (2 sets of 8 values)
Date of issue : 18.5.2000
Designer : Mrs. Vo Luong Nhi (COTEVINA)
Stamp size : 37 x 27 (mm) ; Miniature sheet size: 110 x 160 (mm)
Perforation : 13
Sheet composition : 30 stamps
FDC : 1 cover
FDC size : 170 x 110 (mm)
Printer : Postal Stamp Printing Enterprise (in Ho Chi Minh City)
Printing process : offset
Colour : multi-coloured
Paper : gummed paper

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