The Bicentenary of Victor Hugo's Birth (26/02/1802 - 26/02/2002)

Code: 881

     Victor Marie Hugo is a great writer not only of France but also the World’s. He was born on February 26, 1802 into an aristocratic family in Besanco City. He began to write poems at 10, his first collection of poems was published when he was 20 years old.

     He was a writer, a poet and also a playwright, and in all those fields he reached their peaks. His famous works have been translated into many languages, some of those are “ The miseries”, “ The hunchback at Paris Nortre Cantederal”, etc.

     He passed away on May 22, 1885 at the age of 83 in Paris with adoration of people in France and all over the world. He was buried in Pantheon Palace on May 31, 1885. His mortal remains was buried in a single coffin of the poor and lay in state one night under the Victory Gate at his last will.

     On February 26, 2002, the DGPT issues the stampset “The Bicentenary of Victor Hugo's Birth (26/02/1802 - 26/02/2002)” with one denomination of VND1,000

     The stampset present the picture of Victor Hugo on the background of the famous painting of Eugene Delacroix “ A free mother in the line”.

Date of issuance: February 26, 2002
Designer: Mr. Do Lenh Tuan (COTEVINA)
Stamp size: 43 x 32 (mm)
Sheet composition: 25 stamps
FDC size : 170 x 110 (mm)
Printer: Postal Stamp Printing Enterprise (Ho Chi Minh City)
Printing process: offset
Color: multi-colored
Paper: gummed paper

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